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Vital Records / Statistics

Vital Statistics consists of official records of birth, death, marriage, and dissolution of marriage. These records are essential for just administration of our law and for the protection of individual rights. In addition, the statistical data from these records are of great value to public health and other agencies. You may need certified copies of these records for:

  • passports
  • school entrance
  • employment
  • proof of citizenship
  • governmental benefits
  • insurance

The need for accurate statistical data on epidemics and the causes of death was instrumental in establishing our present day vital statistics registration system. Before 1899, some cities enacted city ordinances requiring the recording of vital events and provided their own system for vital statistics. The City of Key West has the oldest known records, dating back to 1865. A law was enacted in 1927 providing for the centralization of marriage and divorce records. Currently, the Office of Vital Statistics maintains approximately 21.5 million vital records If the event you are requesting took place in Florida, you may get certifications from the following specified locations:

Vital Records (Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce Certificates)

Information on obtaining Certificates and available on-line forms. (Forms can be filled out on-line and then mailed or faxed to the Office of Vital Statistics.

Births Moving Baby to Illustrate Birth CertfiicatesMoving Baby to Illustrate Birth CertfiicatesMoving Baby to Illustrate Birth CertfiicatesMoving Baby to Illustrate Birth Certfiicates

Click here to download copy of Monroe County Birth Certificate Request Form in PDF format.

DeathsRose to Illustrate Funeral Certificates

Click here to download copy of Monroe County Funeral Certificate Request Form in PDF format.

State Office of Vital Statistics

All Vital Events Recorded in Florida

Most Local County Public Health Units

*Certifications of Birth and Death

Click here for a listing of addresses and telephone numbers of the 67 County Health Departments if you wish to order your copy through your local CHD Vital Statistics office.

County Clerk of Court

**Copies of Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Reports

Click here for a listing of web sites of the 67 County Clerks of Court if you wish to order your copy or your Marriage or Dissolution of Marriage Record through your County Clerk of Court. The web sites will give you addresses and telephone numbers for the individual Clerk of Court office.

*Most counties have computer access from 1963 to present for birth records for the entire state as well as births that occurred in their county.

**for those events which occurred in their county

This information is provided to help you determine where to find your records and how to submit your request in the most efficient manner. Application forms and instructions are included here. You may print the forms and mail or fax them to the Office of Vital Statistics in Jacksonville for processing. The Office of Vital Statistics is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. (eastern standard time), excluding holidays. Voice: (904) 359-6900, Fax: (904) 359-6993.

Public Health Statistics

This section provides statistical information on morbidity, mortality, births, population, and other key community health indicators. You can also find the Public Health Indicators Data System (P.H.I.D.S.) which provides access to current public health data. In addition, Healthy Start Reports are provided to Healthy Start Coalitions on this site (username & password required).

Monroe County Community Health Profile

A Report of the Community Task Force for the Monroe County Community Health Initiative.